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Reebok x FACE Stockholm FW17

This unique capsule is an homage to the number three, as we found it in a recurring theme, 3 character traits in our tag line 'Beauty, Wit and Grace", paired with 3 different athletic products (lifestyle, fashion and fitness) in 3 difference color moods. A reflection of how multi-dimensional the modern female is in 2017,...

Fresh Face Foundation Gets Fresher

Our Fresh Face Foundation has seen me through it all— redness, dullness, general unevenness. It’s never struck me as the most exciting product in my makeup bag, but it’s certainly a dependable old friend. What happens when your most dependable friend gets a sexy, dewy update? Our relationship has never been better— and my skin’s...

The Nude Color Wheel Is Just-Right

Four has always been my favorite number. I’m not sure why, exactly, but to me it feels like Goldilocks. I’m cursed with indecision, and four has a way of narrowing it down just enough without overwhelming me. When it comes to summer makeup, the magic number makes an appearance in my new secret weapon, the...

Mother’s Day

In honor of Mothers Day, our Owner and President (mother-daughter duo) know how to make this day extra special! Take a look at Martinas and Guns favorite products and share them with your favorite mom!
Get a chance to win one of the sets!…


Reebok SS17

Reebok Classic formed a unique partnership with FACE Stockholm. The bold, contemporary colors in our makeup palettes combined with Reebok Classic’s most iconic footwear styles have proven to be a success. Our brand together with Reebok have reunited again for Spring/Summer 17- this time to mark the shared 35th anniversary of both FACE Stockholm and Reebok’s Freestyle-HI silhouette.



We are thrilled to launch our Spring Look in cooperation with Odalïsque Magazine - a highlevel international fashion, art and culture publication based in Stockholm.   Odalïsque Beauty Editor and Makeup Artist, Pari Damani, collaborated with Gun and Martina to carefully select a specific palette of colors that would reflect the vibrant spirit of FACE...


The best thing about winter might be layering. Wardrobe-wise I’m favoring a sheer turtleneck, deep V sweater, and a warm wool jacket. As for my face, it looks something like this: Marine Therapy Seaweed Eye Cream (not just for eyes anymore!), BB Beauty Balm in Shade No. 1, and a dusting of Matte Finishing Powder....

Winter 2016: Fireside Glow

Meet Anni The shoot for our Winter 2016 Look, which we lovingly refer to as ‘Fireside Glow’, was filled with laughter and a complete pleasure! Anni had long been on our wish list as a model for FACE Stockholm, and we were thrilled when we finally had the opportunity to work with her last summer....

FACE Stockholm at Anthropologie & Co.

Gone is the allure of traditional department stores. Most have become so drab and interchangeable that a Miracle on 34th Street merely means no line for the restroom at Macy’s. But there’s a new brand of department store on the block, one that lulls visitors into a world so full of color, texture, and whimsy that...


Who’d have thought sneakers and lipstick would prove to be such a winning pair, but our “Lips & Kicks” collaboration with Reebok has been just that, a dream team you might say, that has been received with enthusiasm worldwide.   Who doesn’t love a new pair of sneakers to pick up the pace! Already headed...
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